Victoria University Hosts Raj Sashti

Victoria University Hosts Raj Sashti

It was so inspiring as director of Nine University and College International Studies Consortium of Georgia  MrRaj Sashti  shared light moment with the staff and marketing team of Victoria university kampala .

the them was on  how  Students and Faculty Members in Uganda Can Plan and Get Ready to Apply For Fellowships and Scholarships in the United States and Other Countries.

Mr. Raji Sashti  is the Director of Nine University and College International Studies Consortium of Georgia, Middle Georgia State University Macon Georgia in United States of America.

In the first hand he briefed the staff on the key ingredients of success as Academic Excellence ,A Passion For Relentless Pursuit,  Ability To Plan An Year In Advance, Dedication To Implementing The Plan, Sensitivity To Deadlines ,Usually In Fall And On Or Before September Or October 15 Of A Given Year.

He much further gave the emphasis on Essential criteria for success as Leadership Potential, How Will You Impact The Lives Of Others, Commitment To Community And Public Services, Engagement In Extra Curricular Activities, A Desire To Collaborate, Work With And Learn From Others,Perseverance, Not Be Intimidated By The Intensity Of Competition, Demonstrate Sentivity To Issues Of Diversity, Submit A Dynamic Resume That Begins With A Brief Profile Of Accomplishments ,Demonstrate That You Are Well Read Beyond Your Discipline,  Challenges Faced And How You Overcame Those Challenges,  How Are You Unique, Distinct And Different,  Why Do You Deserve The Fellowship,  What Have You Accomplished So Far And How Will The Fellowship Take You To The Next Level, Ability To Make A Difference,  Share Your Drafts With Critics And Not Cheer Leaders.

Personal Characteristics are to much required while getting ready to Apply For Fellowships and Scholarships and these are .Team Leader And A Team Player .Ability To Work In A Group Setting, Interpersonal And Problem Solving Skills, Language Skills And Cultural Understanding And Appreciation, Ability To Quickly Bounce Back And Adapt To A Variety Of Changing Circumstances, Motivation, Demonstrated Ability To Compete And Succeed, Potential For Growth And Development, How Will You Benefit, What Will Be Your Impact On Others And How Will Share The Benefits With Them.