Victoria University Uplifting Student’s Singing Talent to Change S.Sudan Music Industry

Victoria University Uplifting Student’s Singing Talent to Change S.Sudan Music Industry

Singer William Kuol Pieng started at the age of 22 and that’s when he practically fell in love with music.

Before he recorded his first song, he took one year to study South Sudanese Music industry until March 2019 when he released his collabo titled Forever ft Evy Treyz from Uganda.

K’Cious has more hits like Letter, Reason and Right Tim ft. Shamah.
He is currently working on a few songs to be announced including Happy Birthday so keep your ears to the ground.

The RnB singer is a second year student at Victoria University and is pursuing Bachelors of Computer Sciences and Technology .

QN. Who is K’Cious Afriqanboy and why did you choose that name.

K’Cious_Afriqanboy is a student from South Sudan and an RnB Artist who is also a song writer.

ANS: My real name is Kuol Pieng Deng from Abyei (Pajok Abior), born 22 years ago on 06/06/1997 in Rumbek, age of 22 years, and a student of Victoria University.

I chose K’Cious as my music stage name because K’ is from my first name Kuol then (Cious) was something I added as a flavor to make it unique

Qn. When did you start singing and what drew you to the music industry?

ANS. I started singing this year March 2019 after a long period of research from our South Sudanese Music industry since Jan 2018 to February 2019, where I came and found out that most of our artists sing dancehall and Afro-Dancehall excluding those singing in our mother languages.

I love listening to music because it’s a message that runs through the body mind and soul where one can pass a message through the expression of singing. What I can say is music is emotions that consist of love, sadness , happiness and so many more .What drew me to music was to change the South Sudan music industry to another level of international .

QN.Do you see music as your career and what made you take music seriously as a career?

ANS: When I got so many good responses from friends, family and relatives after I released my single LETTER , They told me I was talented and that i should keep it up .Some even gave me the courage to continue singing and also plan to do collabo with international stars . As per now I can take my music as a career because I believe in myself and the people who gave me the courage to continue singing and far most not to let them down.

 Qn. When did you record your first song?

ANS: I recorded my first collabo song on March 2019 with my friend name EVY TREYZ by the title FOREVER

Qn.What have you so far gained from your music?

ANS. I have gained a lot of appreciation from my fans, family, relatives, friends, my fellow countrymen from South Sudan and other East African countries. Some of them are going ahead to connect me so that I can do more collabo with stars. I have also gained much exposure by being invited to shows to perform, sing and entertain people

What made me happier was that majority of the people who follow and listen to my music are using my songs as ringtone especially LETTER and REASON.

Qn. Who funds your music in terms of recording and shooting your music videos?

ANS: When it comes to collabo, the University funds me for video shooting and recording but for singles i move up and down from shows, parties to perform and then get paid after. The money I get after being paid is the money I use for audio recordings and video shooting

Qn.How did you come to Victoria University and when did you join it?

ANS: I first got to know Victoria University from my family members but before then, I had seen it on social media as the Top International University in Uganda. What made me join the University was because it had all the Facilities a good University should have.

I joined 2018 Jan/ Feb intakes.

Qn.What course are you doing at Victoria University?

ANS: By the way am also a Minister of Constitutional Affairs at the students’ guild council and am pursuing Bachelors of Computer Sciences and Technology in my second year second semester

Qn.You’re doing such a difficult course which requires a lot commitment and time to read, how do you balance your books and music?

A: Well, balancing my books and music is hard because they say you cannot serve two masters at the same time. But I have a way that I use to balance both. Music is my happiness and with it i can read well and understand quickly.

Qn. How has Victoria University helped you in promoting your talent as a student?

ANS: Victoria University has helped me in my career by promoting me. Most promotions have been through helping me to perform alongside big Ugandan stars such as YKee Benda.

The first time was when I was live on their page ( VU ) performing on stage at Speke Resort Munyonyo with thousands people  watching me alive and commenting about the wonderful performance on social media.

Then the university also helped me to perform alongside Fefe Bussi at the Mr and Mrs. Victoria gig.

Qn. I understand being a student and at the same time you’re a celebrity is quite challenging, how do you deal with that?

 ANS: Yes, being a celebrity and a student is hard but fun at the same time. The hard part comes where everyone is looking up to you, and you have to maintain a good posture and be a good leader to set a good example , then far most you have to keep the negative thoughts and words in check. Being a celebrity is hard because people who are not happy for it will always curse you.

For the fun side people give you the respect you deserve as a celebrity/student 

Qn.I heard you are planning a collabo with an Indian star, tell us about it.

The collabo that am planning to do with an Indian Star started with a connection from the Victoria University Vice chancellor Dr Krishna after him hearing my singles Letter and Reason , He got impressed and appreciated my effort .Then I had to plan for a nice and sweet song for our collabo .Soon to be released titled “Right Time” .

 Qn.Do you have any collabo with any Ugandan top musician and if you are to do one which Ugandan music star would you like to sing together?

ANS: So far i don’t have any Collabo with any Uganda top musician but if I was to do one collabo, it would be Sheebah Kalungi and Daddy Andre alongside Rickson Khaero Kuzim and Zulitumz as my producers

Qn. What has been the best and most challenging moment in your music career?

ANS: My most challenging and fearing moments is failing to satisfy everyone who is listening to my music especially those who gave me the courage, morale and support to continue the good music i started. That’s why i have a team of 6 people who first scrutinize my music before it is released to the public.

After everything is done with the team, we set the date to release the song.

Qn. What is your take on the state of Ugandan music so far, how you relate it to music back home in South Sudan?

ANS: Am at the moment I really want to appreciate some of the Ugandan artists for the work well done and who have inspired most of our South Sudanese artists to become whom they are today , am one of them .

 Uganda has a lot of artists in the industry which makes it more fun and there is more competition unlike in South Sudan where we have few artists thus there is no competition in the industry.

Qn.What needs to be done, and how are you contributing?

ANS: For South Sudan, am what is needed to be done is let’s encourage the upcoming artists because they are the new generation and also respect our artists. Secondly, I advise South Sudanese music promoters all over the world not to forget that there is great talent in our home country. Let them first scout and see our artists before they go to other countries sponsoring foreign artists.

Qn.Tell us about your upcoming single “Happy Birthday and whom did you sing it for?

ANS: My upcoming single called “Happy Birthday” is dedicated to everybody all over the world because the birthday is one of the most special days in one’s life.

Before I wrote it i asked my fans through my social media pages and they all loved it.  My music is for the people because without them you can never move you will always be stagnant , but with the love and support of your fans believe me your life can easily change to a better one .So my new song Happy birthday is for my people.

Qn. In 5 years’ time where do you see yourself in music as a career?

ANS: In 5 years’ time I see myself being the best South Sudanese International RnB artist and opening doors to others to become great like me.

 Qn.In case your fans want to hear your music, where do they get?

ANS: I have JM Promotion my current manager who distributes my songs on social media on different platforms such as Tidal,spotify,Amazonmusic,Shazam,Deezer,Napster ,iTunes ,Youtube,SoundCloud,Audiomack,ReverbNation using my handle (@K’CIOUS_ARIQANBOY )

Qn.Any last word for your fans and would be fans.

ANS: I will always put them first and think about them so that I can keep satisfying them with good music. This is because of the love and support that they have shown to me.Keep listening and spreading my music to friends and family for them to listen too.