VU & Coventry University partner to Train Ugandans in Oil and Gas

VU & Coventry University partner to Train Ugandans in Oil and Gas

This development comes after a recent call by President Yoweri Museveni urging the private sector to invest in institutions that will provide Ugandans with the necessary skills to benefit from the oil and gas industry. Museveni noted that instead of oil companies being the ones to build institutions and training Ugandans — local and international private companies can set up institutions for training Ugandans and Ugandans would enroll, either by sponsoring themselves or through government sponsorship

Victoria University Vice Chancellor Dr. Krishna N. Sharma.(middle) with the officials from Coventry University

“This will help in separating the oil business from the skilling businesses. If we allow the oil companies to train Ugandans and deduct the money — once the oil is produced, it will reduce the final benefits. If there are institutions that can put up these technical institutes, then they should do it immediately,” he said.

He added: “We need to build up the capacity of the Ugandans so that when the companies come, they don’t go out to look for human resource.” In this partnership, the role of Victoria University is to mobilize the instructors and provide training to the people, as guided by the Education Ministry.

The Vice Chancellor noted that the program was set to commence in the next coming two months. Augustine Ifelebuegy and John Latham signed on behalf of the UK-based University.

The Ministry of Education and Sports, at the event, was represented by the Ministry’s Assistant commissioner and project coordinator (skills development project) Loy Mbaine Muhwezi who lauded Victoria University for the achievement