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Employers are impressed with the innovativeness, preparedness and unique value our grads bring to the workplace

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Student and grad entrepreneurial projects have been launched; thanks to innovative programmes and state-of-the-art facilities VU holds.

More than


With a high retention rate by employers, thanks to strategic national and international partnerships, our students and grads can work overseas.

What Makes VU Special

We're the University of YOU
1. Affordable Education for All
World-Class Courses at Minimal Cost
Making Authentic Education Accessible to Everyone
2. Work Placements and Industry Partnerships
Gain Invaluable Work Experience through Local and International Partnerships
Unlock Endless Career Possibilities
3. Trimester System for Focused Learning and Better Results
Smaller Class Sizes for Personalized Attention
Maximizing Learning Outcomes
Pursue one module per month, instead of six modules at a go, in one semester.
4. Career Readiness and Employability Training
Unlock Your Full Potential and Stand Out in the Competitive World of Work
Building Skills and Preparing for Future Opportunities
5. Flexible Course Delivery for Uninterrupted Learning
Safe, In-Person Learning
Online Classes and Activities for Distance Learning
Never Compromise on Your Education

The Future is Here. Apply Now

Experience a world-class transformative university education you deserve. Why settle for less, when you can have it all and more? We've got you covered, everything from globally relevant and competitive, right from undergraduate, postgraduate, continuing education to academic upgrading programmes. Applications are now open.

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We're the University of YOU
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