A unique Way of Learning

We have been teaching the same way for hundreds of years now, but the world around us has changed, and along with it, employer and industry needs have hugely changed and will not stop changing. So, we changed how students learn at VU with Africa's First VU Block Model.

Two years ago, we started the Work Integrated Learning Programme. Students must are placed in a natural working environment as part of the curriculum for every Programme we host at this University.

Upon admission at Victoria University, we start with the Career Readiness and Employability Programme, and students later join the Work Integrated Learning stage, where students are sent to various companies, schools, and industries when we know they can fit in the real world of work, even before graduation, with no hassle. In certain instances, they are even far better than the graduates.

But, to do this, we need to ensure that our lectures are flexible, spaced, and can be attended from anywhere (explaining why we have the VClass, an online learning platform). To do this, we have started the first-ever VU Block Model System of Teaching at the University. This VU Model works so that a student pursues one Module per month, instead of six modules at a go, in one semester.

The VU Block Model

Traditionally, any university juggles the demands and deadlines of six modules (course units) simultaneously. Instead, the VU Block Model allows students to focus on one Module at a time. A student's academic year is divided into three Semesters, and we call them Trimesters. Each Trimester is divided into four blocks, which will run for four months, and each Block runs for Four Weeks. You focus on one Module in each Block, completing all your assessments before moving on to the next Module.

Students have greater focus, learn one thing at a time, and have no interruptions. Students study in smaller, more collaborative lectures and attend class two per week. So, our students will still focus on other essential life activities.

The Block Model offers students flexible study options, one teacher per Module support, and practical hands-on teaching that prepares them for their unpredictable future. With the introduction of the VU Block Model, students' success is soaring, with a pass rate of over 97% for undergraduate students and more than 70% receiving grades at distinction level or above.