Policy Manual

The Victoria University Policy and Procedures Manual, the official source for VU's policies, is a public document maintained and issued by the Office of the University Secretariat. Unless otherwise noted, policies apply to all units under VU's jurisdiction.

The Office of the University Secretariat considers the online, published version of all policies and procedures as part of the Policy and Procedures Manual to be the official records.

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Key Facts

No.1 in Uganda for Experiential Learning Education

Exemption of No.1 in Uganda for Employer-Student Connections

No.1 in Uganda for graduate employability

No.1 in Uganda for “CREATOR OWNS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY” our intellectual property policy means your great ideas belong to you.

The VU Difference:

Student experience and our research portfolio are built around our academic core

Research is high quality, interdisciplinary and benchmarks internationally

World-class entrepreneurial skills development is woven across all academic programs

We take calculated risks to nurture ideas into real-world application