Victoria University is the leading University in Uganda and East Africa when it comes to offering Experiential and Work Integrated Learning. We are determined to produce graduates with employable skills and capacity to creatively employ themselves. We do this by providing meaningful, hands-on workplace experience to enrich theoretical learning. Our work integrated learning programme is enabling students to complete a programme of three years with at least 2-3 years' work experience

Victoria University offers a number of academic programmes at Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate, Higher Education Certificate and Professional Development levels. Please click the links below to view detailed list of courses in the respective categories

Once students are admitted, we ensure that they are given the academic, personal and where appropriate, spiritual support necessary for successful completion of their courses at Victoria University.

Our aim is to operate a fair and transparent admission process to select the most suitable, able and motivated applicants who can best benefit from Victoria University education. Every applicant is important to us and we welcome applications from different prospects irrespective of their background.

Admission is made on the basis of one’s own presented documents which are subjected to verification with original documents at the time of registration. Any subsequent discovery of falsification or forgery will lead to automatic cancellation of the admission.