Collaboration & Partnerships

VU has a long-standing practice of working collaboratively with other Ugandan and international post-secondary educational institutions, with professional associations and employer groups and with First Nations institutions and communities to facilitate access to university-level study. Over 350 formal collaborative agreements are now in place.
In addition, students enrolled at other post-secondary institutions make extensive use of VU courses and educational services to help them complete their degrees.

Educational partnerships provide real opportunities for you. Through VU's partnerships with other post-secondary institutions, you can, for example, add VU courses to your programme at a partner institution, take classroom versions of VU courses at a partner institution or enrol in VU programs while studying at or working for a partner institution.

Through established transfer agreements, VU also recognizes previous education that you may have obtained through colleges, technical institutes or professional organizations.
Block credit transfer arrangements have been established with numerous educational providers across Uganda, granting programme graduates a specified number of credits toward particular VU degrees.

Our Partners