This serves as the basis for exemption and credit transfers for all students who qualify for exemption and transfer of credits.

It is recognized that many students wishing to join Victoria University (VU) are students with transcripts and qualifications from other universities and from different levels. Unfortunately, some students are denied admissions due to the absence of recognized measures to help them assimilate their points and apply for admission to the appropriate programs implemented in the University.

Requirements for exemption

We have lots of options to help you get credit for your previous post-secondary experience, including individual course assessment, block transfer, post-diploma, or second degrees. First, you should check if your previous education is within the right time limits to be considered for transfer credits. After that, our transfer credit assessment tool can give you an idea of how your previous courses might transfer even if you did not complete a diploma or degree.

Academic qualifications



Period of Previous Training

This should not be more than 5 years after acquiring the qualification that is being considered for exemption. The degree, diploma and certificate should be relevant to the field a student intends to undertake


Minimum working experience of two years after completion of the Programme in a relevant field. e.g. Nursing, midwifery, Social work practice in Primary agencies, auditing, etc. would be an added advantage.

Specification of previous training institution

This shall be a University and any other recognized and licensed Institution of Higher Learning.

Exemption of Programme units is optional.

It should only be the Senate or Senate standing committee to exempt a student either from subjects, a semester, or a whole year of study,

Exemption will be a process considered on merit, case by case. When one has been admitted and registered and he/she needs exemption, He/She should write an application to the Academic Registrar. All approved exemption cases shall receive confirmation from the Academic Registrar in writing including the exemption fee charges.

A student who applies for exemptions should fill in an exemption form in Triplicate indicating the module(s), score(s) and grade(s). Results should be verified by both the Head of Department who makes a recommendation to the Dean of Faculty, who should sign that form and submit it to the Academic Registrar's Office

The Academic Registrar should then compile a list of all students who are recommended for exemption per Faculty per semester for the approval of Senate.

Fully complete transcript and certificates

Credit Transfer

Through the process of credit transfer, a student will earn the credit value of-the transferred unit. For credit transfer from diploma or degree programmes of other institutions, credit hours with grades will be transferred.

Maximum permitted credit transfer

Undergraduate students are therefore expected to spend two full-time-years at Victoria University. Any exemptions to this rule of maximum credit must be approved by the Senate or the Academic Registrar

Process of Admission (Credit Transfers)

Victoria University shall admit students from other (recognized) institutions on normal degree or diploma programs. Students applying for credit transfers should meet the following requirements:

Prospective students shall present a release letter from the sending institution and previous academic documents.

Apply to Academic Registrar through the Faculty Dean

Should have passed all subjects for which s/he is seeking transfer of credits

No credit transfer will be effected in the final year of study

The procedure to be followed will be based on NCHE guidelines.

Should be a registered student.

Exemption Fees Structure

Students should pay a fee to be determined by University Council for each exempted programme unit of study. The current charges shall be a lump sum administrative fee of UGX 200,000. Terms and conditions apply